Your Concierge, Sasha's Assistant Colleen Fitzgerald

I am a contemporary dancer and choreographer from Connecticut but now call Buenos Aires home. As an undergrad at Bates College I studied Dance and Anthropology which eventually led me to discover tango in Buenos Aires and pursue a thesis project on the rich culture inhabiting the dance. What I love most about tango is its social context, full of people of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds dancing together and learning from each other. 

During the Tango Adventure I will assist you in making the most of your time in Buenos Aires: visiting tourist sites, finding neighborhood cafes, getting in some shopping, or just being an ear to listen. . . whatever you need!





Your TANGO TEACHER and PSICTANGO TEACHER WILL BE AMAZING AND YOUR Fabulous Taxi Dancers Rotate!  We choose our cast of characters very carefully. . .for you.

We connect you will the best tango teachers in Buenos Aires for your private lessons and we have a Terrific rolodex of lovely ment who rotate as our taxi dancers for hire. Rest assured you will be in good hands, and you might even see a little doggie like this on the way to the milonga.








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