What is Tango + Transformation?


Tango is a growth accelerator.

A mirror for your own self-awareness.

A metaphor for life and relationships

A way of reconnecting to your masculinity and femininity

A safe container for exploring sensuality and sexuality

A path of containment, tenderness and healing within a tender embrace from past trauma.

A way of connecting to the wisdom and intuition of your body

A way of connecting to your presence, power, and passion for life

You have the option to sign up for the Tango + Transformation Adventure.

The Tango Adventure is by its nature transformative because you are transforming by doing.

By putting your body out there and having new experiences you will have powerfully transformative experiences and new awareness that you can’t have by sitting and talking with a therapist or coach.

However, talking and connecting the dots on your life can make your experience even more powerful.

To get the most from the experience from a transformative perspective, we offer Tango + Transformation.

Tango + Transformation allows you to work closely with Sasha, the founder of the Tango Adventure, who works as a life coach with women and an author frequently writing on and working with tango.

Sasha’s approach to tango was born out of her own transformative experience with the dance—and seeing transformation in her clients who learned tango. Her work has been featured widely from CNN to NPR to Vogue.

How it works to do Tango + Transformation:

  1. You develop a coaching relationship working one-on-one with Sasha as your coach via Skype or phone for at least 2 months before the adventure, ideally 3-4 months because it's a process to get to know each other. You talk twice a month.
  2. Through the coaching sessions you will work with Sasha to articulate your goals working together—what you want to get out of this coaching experience—and what you want to work on or explore through this Tango Adventure experience.
  3. Your goals can be personal and/or professional, ranging from life transitions such as improving the quality of your life, reconnecting to yourself after divorce, finding a new direction in your career, becoming comfortable being single/alone, dating again, reconnecting to your femininity, or healing from past trauma, and simply, being the woman you want to be. We also explore whatever has been holding you back until now, and work with those blocks more skillfully so you don't remain stuck.
  4. During the Tango Adventure week your focus will be on tango and travel experiences—because it will be a super- rich week. You’ll have one session during the week for support connecting the dots on your goals and what you are experiencing in tango. This session can be used in many ways. One woman used it to plan her self-wedding in Buenos Aires. That spontaneously came up as an idea during the week. She then married herself in Buenos Aires with Sasha’s support.
  5. After the adventure, you work with Sasha to root these insights in your everyday life at home, so you are not just transforming abroad, you are also moving forward at home (living in a concrete way whatever goals we have outlined). An important part of the transformation is reflection and articulation of what this experiences means for you—and then setting in motion new behaviors and directions to capitalize on the learning you did with us in the Tango Adventure. You also get accountability to stay on track with your goals. 
  6. The tango adventure go on and on and on in your everyday life :)

Learn more about Sasha as a coach

To learn more about Sasha's style as a coach,  read these reviews from clients on Yelp.

Explore Tango + Transformation for you

If you choose to do Tango + Transformation, you can have a dedicated phone call with Sasha to assess whether it’s a good fit for this deeper relationship. Send a message asking for a consult.

Clients who do Tango + Transformation get a $200 discount on the adventure price.