Do I need to dance tango? No, if you can walk and hug another person, you are going to do great.

What if I already dance tango? This is also fine. We’ve also had students who already dance tango. You will go way deeper through our journey into the embrace as it can only be felt in Buenos Aires. 

Will this be scary? Only in a good way and you will have tons of support. We are here to support you through your tango holiday!

What will the week be like? Will there be free time? Yes, the week will kick off with a bang for the first two days with your orientation to tango and the city, your lunch with Sasha, and your tango-shoe-shopping outing, then you will settle into a pattern of having some kind of tango/psicotango class or workshop and some kind of tango outing in the evening, with free time to explore and wander through this amazing city. Colleen will be you concierge to help you do whatever it is you want to do and make the most of your time.

Is this tango vacation open for women, men, or couples?  Most of our trips are for women-only but we are also experimenting with co-ed groups. If you're a man or a heterosexual couple don't be shy about getting in touch. 

What are the ages of the people who come? We have had women ranging from their twenties to their sixties. All ages are welcome here. One of the best parts about experiencing tango in Buenos Aires is you get to see a culture where all the generations mix and the over-50 set shines.

Do I need to have a partner? Not at all! In fact, you’ll probably learn better without a partner. The best way to learn tango is to dance with a variety of people. If you do come with a partner you will probably still dance with other people.

Is it still a great experience to dance with someone if it’s not your romantic partner? Tango is a social dance. Most people do not dance with a romantic partner. 

What if I’ve never had a dance lesson in my life? What if I get there and I just can’t do it? Can you walk? Can you hug someone? You can dance tango. You will do great.

Will I be lonely if I come alone for a solo adventure? Definitely not. You are going to meet a lot of people through the Tango Adventure and if you want to meet others to go out to dinner, etc. you can probably hook up with other travelers at the hotel we suggest.

What is psicotango? Psicotango is a workshop, a methodology, and a book started by psychoanalysts in Buenos Aires who are fascinated with the personal search through tango. Sasha, who founded the Tango Adventure, feels the same way about tango and connected with the psicotango community in her own personal search, and she includes this piece in your 7-day tango vacation so you get to go deep in this way through the Tango Adventure too. This is a special opportunity that most people don't know about.

I'm a vegan. Does Buenos Aires have places where I can eat?  Yes, despite Buenos Aires' deserved reputation as a meat-eater's heaven, there are also many vegan places near where you will be staying. There are also gluten-free options for celiacs and gluten-intolerant folks.

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