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Writer Alana Kirk from Dublin, Ireland came on a Tango Adventure in Buenos Aires as part of her research for a book about making the most of middle age. Alana wrote this piece for the Irish Times based on interviews with Sasha: How to Find your Inner Goddess about the lost art of sensuality.

Sasha gives insight into tango vs. milonga on the Culture Trip's investigation into "Milonga, Tango's Quick-Footed Cousin"

The Tango Adventure is featured on Culture Trip's guide to Solo Travel in Argentina. "The brainchild of personal coach and best-selling author Sasha Cagen, Tango Adventure is an immersion course in tango offered in Buenos Aires. It aims to explore tango as not only a dance, but also as a way to learn about your relationship with yourself and others." Read the guide to solo travel in Argentina here.

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Sasha is one of the world's leading experts on self-marriage. She helps women marry themselves as a deep act of self-acceptance and has helped Tango Adventure clients plan their self-weddings in Buenos AIres. (She also self-married here.) Read this interview with Sasha about why women are marrying themselves in Vogue.

Sasha was on CNN talking with Anderson Cooper about her first book Quirkyalone way back in 2004. The ideas of Quirkyalone and Quirkytogether find expression in the dance of tango when we talk about tango as a metaphor for connection with yourself and with another.

Sasha writes about What Tango Taught Her About Relationships on the Huffington Post.

Sasha talks about the quirky habits of solo dwellers in the New York Times.

Listen to this hourlong conversation with Sasha about being single today on an Illinois NPR affiliate.