Awaken the tango within you in Buenos Aires

Come away on a 7-day tango vacation or a custom adventure to rediscover yourself, your sensuality and your excitement for life in the source of tango: Buenos Aires

Sometimes you need to step away from life at home to discover what's possible for you. 

You want to get away and do something for you.

You want an international adventure that is safe and supported but also thrilling.

You want to get off the tourist bus and deep into the culture wherever you go. 

You want to get back in your body and reconnect with the parts of you that are fun, adventurous, sensual and exude joie de vivre. You could go on a yoga retreat, but wouldn’t learning tango in Buenos Aires be more fun?

The Tango Adventure gives is a different kind of tango vacation. You will not be a spectator with us. You will be dancing. 

Our unique, supportive tango holiday gives you an insider safari through the authentic tango world of Buenos Aires through an immersion course to learn tango as a vehicle for personal growth.

You’ll also get to discover Buenos Aires, a pulsing city of stylish people and extravagant architecture, wide boulevards and leafy parks, gastronomic delights, and of course, tango in the streets. 

Learn tango in Buenos Aires with us and you will do much more than just learn the steps. You will:

  • Reconnect to your sensuality. Rediscover parts of you that you that have been lost or suppressed when you reconnect your sensual self through tango. 
  • Become more confident in ways you can draw on for dating, flirting, and work/leadership
  • Learn about your patterns in relationships through the metaphor of tango (when you learn things through your body, it's more likely to stick)
  • Experience leading and following in its purest form, and what those lessons have to teach you about letting go, trust, and vulnerability
  • Live like a local quickly in the “Paris of the South,” dynamic, creative, sensual Buenos Aires while you learn about the anthropology and culture of tango. You will get an insider’s view of the magic of tango in Buenos Aires, where you’ll learn to dance with your body and your heart, even if you have never danced before. We share local connections you would never find on your own. 
  • Meet great people, learn how to kiss on the cheek, and go deep in authentic Buenos Aires culture, which is literary, sophisticated, creative, and darkly funny, how can this not be good for the soul? 

It takes a lot of energy to plan a tango vacation, and once you get there, you might be doing touristy stuff alone and it's not that rewarding. Or you feel like a spectator, watching others dance because nobody knows you. It always takes a while to break into a new scene. 

We do the planning, connecting, and supportive coaching for you to make it possible for you to dive right in to learn tango at the source. You get an intimate view of Buenos Aires through the eyes of locals combined with the perfect introduction to tango in Buenos Aires.


I’m the author of Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics, a book that inspired a global movement of women and men who prefer to be single rather than settle. I’m also a women’s empowerment coach working with my clients via Skype from Buenos Aires, focused on career, life transition, life after divorce, and dating/relationships. I’m passionate American tanguera (tango dancer). I discovered tango in Colombia during a yearlong solo wander through South America after I left Silicon Valley burned out by my technology job in 2010. Tango taught me so many powerful lessons about living as a proud woman on the dance floor and in life. I since moved to Buenos Aires, where I’m now working on a memoir called Wet.

My guiding philosophy for tango and transformation is: tango as a mirror. As in tango, as in life. These lessons will give you a big dose of awareness on the dance floor--and off in your personal and professional life. But most of all, this is about rediscovering pleasure and having fun.

 I created the Tango Adventure and brought together an amazing team of teachers, guides, dancers, shoemakers, and photographers in Buenos Aires to deliver this experience for you . . .

For each person, your experience and your awakening will be unique.

I created the Tango Adventure because tango changed my life. I wanted to combine my tango and personal growth teachings–so you can have the same life-changing lessons in 7 days that I got in 7 years.



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